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Who is Mina?

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Mina is a quintessential woman who is passionate about her sexual health and overall wellness. When we talk about our Mina women being quintessential, she is confident, poise, driven, self-motivated, redefined but beautifully imperfect. Basically, a today’s modern woman with a busy lifestyle.

At Mina our services are tailored to meet the needs of this quintessential queen whose busy lifestyle makes it difficult or nearly impossible to create time to improve her wellness and sexual health. We offer a wide range of products that are beneficial to our women such as contraceptives like Postinor 2, premium body care products such as Alive premium hair, skin and nails gummies that will take their beauty routine to the next level and Perfectil Platnum which is a major advance in beauty nutrition, vitamins and mineral such as Centrum MultiGummies to keep our queens healthy and so many other wellness products to satisfy the needs of a Mina woman.

Our Mina women above forty who are experiencing menopause and are looking for a relief from menopausal symptoms, can also start a hormone replacement therapy with some of our available HRT products, advisably after consulting with one of our doctors or pharmacists. This brings us to a crucial aspect of our services that serves the busy life of a Mina woman, our Tele-consultation service.

We understand the day to day life of our women and the difficulties they face in creating time to see a doctor when they feel indisposed or observe a symptom they aren’t pleased with. Creating a tele-consultation service was a no brainer, because it is a convenient, easy, fast and efficient means for a Mina woman to consult a doctor or pharmacists as often as she would like to better her health and wellness.

The health of our women is a priority for us here at MINA. We looking forward to creating a healthy relationship with each and every Mina woman out there.

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