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What is Adam?

adam 2

We created Adam for the young, professional, educated upwardly mobile young man who has a very busy lifestyle but needs to make sure he is taking care of his sexual health and wellness. 

Our offerings are tailored to meet the needs of this busy man who does not have the time to go to a pharmacy to get a cheap condom. We have more condom variety at cheaper prices than any local pharmacy in Nigeria. Here you do not have to deal with the public shaming involved in buying a condom or viagra. Discreteness is our motto!We cater to those bosses wearing face caps in the club because they are going bald. You do not have to accept going bald, we can help you with that with 2 different tried and tested products for male pattern baldness. 

We have testosterone for men who are trying to build muscle and gain strength. Every woman wants a virile man, we got your back! For men who are seeking greater stamina in bed, you do not have to settle for unproven and poorly crafted local remedies that can be dangerous to your liver. We have authentic Viagra and Cialis for a fraction of the price in local pharmacies. We will deliver it discreetly to you so that you are ready when the moment arises.For overall wellness, we also offer probiotics for men with diarrhoea, frequent abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal maladies. 
We have well trained expert doctors and pharmacists available 24/7 for video consultation. They are waiting to answer your questions and offer you their professional opinion on sexual health and wellness topics. 

Here at Adam, we look forward to serving you and helping you be the best man you can be in the image of our maker!

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