Many people suffer from stomach and intestinal problems. They are constantly wondering why their stomach is so sensitive. Why do they have aches and cramps after eating? Why does their food run through them causing diarrhea? Why can they not seem to have regular bowel movements? There is something very important called dysbiosis. This is the foundation of many people’s gastrointestinal (GI) issues. Dysbiosis is the imbalance in our God-given microbial flora i.e the billions of bacteria (good and bad) that live in our intestines helping us with food breakdown, absorption and immune system. Infections and antibiotics can cause that balance to be disturbed in many and then a lifetime of GI upset can ensue.

Probiotics have become very popular in the past decade and there are hundreds of different products out there. Many do not contain enough live bacteria colony forming units (CFU) in them. Many contain lots of impurities and fillers. Many products are made to be stored in a cool temperature environment or a refrigerator and some are not. Also, a more expensive probiotic is not necessarily a more effective one. People must be careful in choosing a probiotic product out there. The first question is, do I need probiotics? Or is there something more dangerous going on? Secondly, what type of probiotics would be best for me?

At, we have an Ivy-league-trained gastroenterologist available to speak with you for FREE. We look forward to helping you with your wellness needs, please do not suffer in silence.

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