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Hair loss in Nigeria:

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30% of Nigerian men will have noticeable hair loss by age 35. This can be very disturbing for a young man to come to terms with. The receding hairline typically coincides with when our brothers start having small change in their pockets. So, they buy face caps and all sorts of head-covering. You see them in the club with a baseball cap on with no sun in sight.

Male pattern baldness is also known as androgenetic alopecia. It is when the hair line recedes and there is a thinning at the crown forming an M shaped pattern of hair loss. For female pattern baldness, it is more diffuse hair thinning and many times we see the hairline pulled back due to the chronic tension from our indigenous African hairstyles.

Many are helpless when they notice hair loss. Not sure who to turn to, your regular doctor often has no idea what to prescribe, your neighborhood pharmacist has no smart suggestions. Some decide to try different oils and dubious serum online with no effect. That is why we have put together a combination of highly effective and medically proven products on to help you. We have experts on hair loss and other wellness topics waiting to speak with you. Your first tele consultation (N1000 value) is absolutely free! We look forward to helping you, please don’t suffer in silence.

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Wale Odofin

I have a patchy, thinning hairline also my crown hair pulling off and getting thinner. I guess that’s androgenetic alopecia. What prescription could work better to regrow my hairline, crown. It bothers me a lot, also making me lose my esteem.

Please a help would go a long way. Thanks

Royal obiokafor

I need a hair growth oil


Please I will like to speak to an expert.

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